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Welcome to Divinity!
Welcome to Divinity - Skywall, a raiding guild currently raiding Heart of Fear (4/6), farming Mogu'shan Vaults (6/6),  and achievement runs.
We are currently looking for a few Geared/Experienced folks to join our family! Check out our recruitment guide on the right hand side, to see if we are recruiting your Class/Spec!
If you wish to join please contact someone in-game or place an application by clicking the "Join Divinity" button above.
Divinity's Officer Core:

 Mii - Guild Master 
Hanshonator - Guild Assist 
Frizzel - Guild Assist 
Whowantssome - Guild Assist
 Astarat - Guild Assist
Lilyannah -Guild Assist/Banker
Ricopally - Recruiting Officer
Dotts - Officer
Gallemi - Officer/Raid Leader

      If you have any questions feel free to contact us in game or at
Other Guild News

Wind Lord Mel'jarak Down!!

Musicality, Mar 11, 13 10:04 PM.
Congratulations Constantine, Gallemi, Gustace, Earthbound, Snowflurries. Whoshunter, Foxx, My, Dotts, and Pallybeb on the kill!!

Garalon Down!

Musicality, Mar 4, 13 9:21 PM.
Congratulations Constantine, Gallemi,m Gustace, Snowflurries, Earthbound, DarkwingDK, Dotts, My, Pallybeb, and Whoshunter on the kill!!! 

Blade Lord Ta'yak Down!

Musicality, Jan 14, 13 9:16 PM.
Congratulations Gallemi, Constantine, Astarat, Blissey, Mii, Dotts, Focus, Stihltow, Whowantssome, Zonzai on the kill!

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Down!

Musicality, Dec 10, 12 8:34 PM.
Congratulations Hothead, Whowantssome, Pallybeb, Dotts, Buuzii, Mii, Blissey, Astarat, Gallemi, Constantine on the kill!

Will of the Emperor Down!

Musicality, Dec 9, 12 9:36 PM.
Congratulations Constantine, Gallemi, Astarat, Blissey, Mii, Buuzii, Hothead, Whowantssome, Pallybeb, Dotts on the kill!

Elegon Down!

Musicality, Dec 9, 12 7:22 PM.
Congratulations Constantine, Gallemi, Astarat, Blissey, Buuzii, Hothead, Mii, Palleybeb, Whowantssome, Dotts on the kill! 

Divinity's 2012 Christmas Party Announced!

dazey152879, Dec 4, 12 9:06 AM.
Please check the party forums for info on our Holiday Party and don't forget to take the poll!
You help is needed so check forums today!

5.1 Drops Today 11-27-12

dazey152879, Nov 27, 12 9:51 AM.
5.1 Drops Today! Read up on Patch notes while you wait!

Kicking Butt In MV.

dazey152879, Nov 1, 12 3:40 PM.
Grats to all who Raided this week...We had an excellent week! Grats to those who recieved Loot!!
The Stone Guard
Feng the Accursed
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder  DOWN!

Were making great strides, Keep up the good work!...

Since WoW is down - get ready for raiding!

Musicality, Oct 7, 12 1:57 PM.
DruidsFeral/Guardian! Apply
HuntersOpen! Apply
MonkOpen to All Specs! Apply
PaladinsTank/Ret! Apply
PriestOpen-Shad/heals-Offspec! Apply
Roguesopen! Apply
ShamansHeals/Dps! Apply
WarriorTank/Dps-offspec! Apply
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